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Video Game and Online Gaming Addiction

A huge number of adults and teenagers all over the world are highly addicted to gaming. Conventionally, we connect addictions with substances such as alcohol and drugs but with the increased use of technology in our regular routine addictions to similar things such as the internet, smartphone and gaming are becoming more ordinary. Unlike alcohol and drugs, individuals are not warned about the dangers of spending additional time in gaming or realize the warning signs of such addictions.

Gaming Addiction Signs

Though there is a specific age group of teens that affects gaming addictions, it is not limited to them and it also trends towards university students and adults, and in some way, it is used as an escape from the stresses of life. Sometimes adults also tend to be better at functioning with addictive behaviours and managing responsibilities than teenagers. However, addiction signs are similar in adults and teenagers and in some dire circumstances addictions even cause death.


Below are some of the most common warning signs that gaming is turning into an addiction.

video and online game addiction treatment

Being restless and/or irritable when unable to play

The feeling of restlessness and/or irritability when unable to play is one of the common signs of a problem. An addiction makes users urge for the game and hence endure negative experiences when they are unable to play. If an individual is displaying anger when forbidden from playing then it’s the best option to seek help for them.

Dishonesty or hiding their habit

Teenagers are smart at hiding things from their parents but even they may understand that their gaming is becoming a routine habit when they start being dishonest about the time spent indulging in it. Frequently, their dishonesty gets extended to friends and peers and they start to separate themselves from others while spending more time gaming.

Trouble at school/work

It could be an important sign if a teen or adult is not completing work or being sleeping during school/office hours. And spending the remaining hours at home playing games or being awake at night instead of sleeping. These are warning signs that could be a major sign of gaming addiction.

Effective Gaming Addiction Treatment
The Alpha Healing Center has one of the finest residential rehab programs in the country offering treatment for online gaming and video game addiction recovery.

Physical symptoms

Some of the major physical symptoms of continuously staring at the screen during gaming are looking weary, strained eyes, back ache or fatigue. Another sign is lack of personal hygiene that oftens relates to being preoccupied with gaming rather than take care of oneself.

Social problems

Video Gaming and mobile as well as online game addictions aid in social problems when users spend most time alone playing games by themselves or against friends on the virtual platform and have no face to face interactions and become less social. The increasing use of technology or being addicted to gaming can cause individuals to get introvert and find it challenging to converse with people in the real world.

What Is Classified as a Gaming Addiction?

Most people play a video game or an online game as a pastime. Mild gaming is hardly a cause for alarm. It often doesn’t prevent you from visiting friends, exercising, or having your other hobbies.


However, the bed is often not all rosy for everyone. Excessive gaming can be addictive and can become unhealthy and affect your routine in a very damaging manner.

People suffering from gaming addiction typically show symptoms similar to those of alcohol or drugs. Behaviors that classify as a gaming addiction include:


• Constant and overwhelming urge to play the game

• Feeling moody or irritable when not playing. 

• Overplaying—gaming takes precedence over anything else in your life

• Self-neglect

• Lose of interest in meeting friends or enjoying other hobbies

• Inability or not willing to work or go to school so you can get time to play the game

• Gaming to relieve stress

What Can Gaming Addiction Lead To?

If you care about nothing else but playing video games, it might be time to start thinking about seeking professional help. Gaming addiction can take a severe toll on your life. It can lead to damaging effects that include:

• Poor performance academically or at work
• Neglect of familial responsibilities
• Lethargic nature—often leading to weight gain.
• Slowed brain growth
• Negative impacts on eyesight because of overexposure to computer screens
• Insomnia

Is There a Cure For Video and Mobile Game Addiction?

There’s a treatment for any form of addiction, including video and mobile games. Behavior change and therapy are the primary methods of treating game addiction.


While some rehabilitation centres use family, group, and individual therapies only, others incorporate medications in their gaming addiction treatment plans.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all form of cure for video and mobile phone addiction. The most important thing is to start the treatment and work hard to avoid triggers and commit to recovery.

Benefits Of Residential Game Addiction Treatment

Rehab for mental disorders is closely related to that for drugs. Thus residential gaming-addiction treatment plan will borrow a lot from other similar plans that a rehab uses to treat conditions such as alcohol or cocaine addiction.

Residential treatment programs for gaming addiction works by removing a patient from their triggers. It allows them around the clock professional treatment and supervision. The benefits that such treatment programs can offer you include:

The focus is only on you — You’ll have ample time to concentrate on recovery, away from family, work, school, and other distractors.

It offers structure — You can account for every minute you spend in for treatment. There’s an activity planned for every second of the day. Inpatient rehab’s tight schedule leaves you with less free time, hence, enabling you to dedicate all your energies to recovery and forming new, healthy habits.

It can help protect your family — Dealing with withdrawal symptoms can be painful for your family to watch. Residential rehab avoids a scenario where your loved ones would otherwise have to watch the roller coaster of dealing with severe withdrawal. However, approved medications can help ease the condition.

Availability of a 24/7 medical support

Removal from triggers and other negative influences — Inpatient rehab allows you to sharpen your coping skills before putting them to practice.

Accessibility to a balanced diet — Gaming addiction often leads to self-neglect, including the development of unhealthy eating habits. Residential rehabs have nutritionists that work to help patients rebuild healthy eating habits.

Peer support — Peer groups in our residential rehab center can offer you not only company but also motivation and the education (in a non-judgmental setting) that you need for quick recovery.

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