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Rehab Centre in Mumbai | Drug & Alcohol De Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious issue that requires professional help. At Alpha Healing Center, we are committed to helping people lead sober lives free from addiction. Our team has treated hundreds of individuals with effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs designed to provide our patients with an enriched life without substance abuse.

The role rehab centers play in India cannot be underestimated, considering many people who are falling victims to gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, among other mental illnesses.


In 2019, AIIMS-Delhi joined hands with the 15 NGOs and 10 medical institutes to conduct a nationwide survey on India’s substance abuse prevalence. According to the survey results, a substantial number of Indians use psychoactive drugs such as opioids, alcohol, and cannabis. On the top of the list of drug users are adult men.


The study also revealed that top psychoactive substances abused in India alcohol, cannabis opioids, and inhalers. The situation is equally as bad in Mumbai. Did you know that Mumbai accounts for more than 80% of Maharashtra’s drug cases?

What is a Rehabilitation Centre?

Rehab centers are facilities devoted to helping persons with mental illnesses recover. They are safe places that offer treatment services for a myriad of mental illnesses, including drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions.


The person struggling with a mental illness can receive care in either an inpatient or an outpatient rehab center. 


Inpatient or residential rehabilitation centres offer you a place to live while undergoing addiction treatment on-site. Inpatient rehab is often the best form of care as it removes you from your daily triggers. It gives you an opportunity to detox and learn relapse prevention skills before putting them to use.


There are many inpatient rehab facilities in Mumbai, ranging from the sterile hospital setting to residential environments to luxury rehab facilities.


While outpatient rehabilitation facilities also offer mental health treatment services, they don’t provide accommodation facilities. A patient at an outpatient rehab center will typically attend treatment for a few hours, either daily or for particular days a week.


Outpatient care is not often the best option for most patients. Living at home keeps you near places for people that enhance drug abuse or your mental illnesses.

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Importance Of Choosing The Right Rehab

The common goal for everyone at our rehabilitation facility is sustained recovery. However, a mental health treatment program is more than just the disease itself. It is about holistic treatment. 


For instance, a patient with an alcohol use disorder will need a treatment program that also addresses the underlying reason that led to the problem. The person may also need to find alternative hobbies to replace alcohol use.


Choosing the right rehabilitation facility should be centered around what you need. You can address your needs in your goals and set out to find a facility with programs that aligns with your goals.


It is crucial to be aware of the different perspectives when seeking addiction treatment. You may find yourself in a situation where your loved one is not only struggling with addiction, but also has mental health issues. It is important to understand that addiction and mental health are two very complex areas of the body that require careful consideration when looking for treatment solutions.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Rehab

Not all addicts are able to overcome their addiction on their own. This is why experts recommend seeking professional treatment like in-patient rehabilitation center for addiction. Not only does this provide the individual with the support they need during recovery, but it also helps ensure that they don’t relapse once they’ve reached sobriety.


When choosing the right facility where to partake in treatment, there are many factors to keep in mind. Consider things such as the availability of Medicare, the quality of amenities, and the different components that they mix into a treatment program, availability of security, licensing and accreditation, and staff qualifications.


A de-addiction treatment facility like Alpha’s Rehabilitation Center which is very near to Mumbai can offer a variety of treatment options for any type of addiction and may be the best choice for some people.


Assess what the rehab facility offers: while some rehabilitation centers focus on a fitness-based approach, others have a holistic therapies approach to conquering mental illnesses. However, others combine the two approaches. 


The common evidence-based therapies used in our rehab center for Mumbai patients are:


● CBT-cognitive behavioral therapy

● Post-traumatic stress disorder focused CBT

● DBT-dialectical behavioral therapy

● 12-step facilitation

● REBT-rational emotive behavior therapy

● MI-motivational interviewing

● Experiential therapy

● CM-motivational interviewing


Amenities: a comfortable environment is not something you can overlook. You will enjoy being in an environment where you can benefit from treatment fully. Priorities amenities such as:


● Gym and exercise opportunities

● Education opportunities

● Meditative space

● Nice meals

● Cleaning services

● Recreational spaces

● 24-hour Supervision


Location: Do you want to move to another town, or do you need to stay in Mumbai for treatment? Some people may decide to travel elsewhere as a signal of change, a fresh start. However, others choose to stay close to the family at home. 


If your local environment is full of triggers or the locally available facilities are not offering particular products you’re looking for, moving to another place can be great.


Alpha Healing Center is just under 1 hour from flight from Mumbai. There are direct flights running from Mumbai daily to Vadodara, where Alpha Healing Center is located.


Accreditation: a facility with the proper accreditation is proof that they’re legitimate and are operating legally and morally.


Cost and insurance: most people focus on cost when choosing the rehab center. There’s a misconception that drug rehab centers in Mumbai are generally expensive. The truth is that the cost of mental health treatment varies based on factors such as the type of facility chosen, the seriousness of the condition, the length of stay, and the components of a treatment program.


There are many options for financing addiction treatment. Irrespective of your budget, you can find the help you need. The commonly used payment options are:


● Medicare and Medicaid

● Self-funding

● Private health insurance

● Loans

The Rise Of Alcohol, Drug, And Gambling In Mumbai

Maharashtra and Mumbai are no strangers to alcohol and drug abuse. This can be seen in the continuous increase in the number of reported NDPS cases every year. Maharashtra saw a hike in NDPS cases jump from an average of 1766 in 2010 to 14622 in 2014. The figures have remained high to date. Mumbai contributed the biggest share of the cases.


Both alcohol and drug use disorder often starts voluntary use or through experimentation. At this stage, the consumption is less frequent. For teenagers, alcohol is often obtained from friends-because of pressure. However, it’s usually a response to life challenges such as financial problems, loss of a job, or a spouse for older people.


The common risk factors for alcohol and substance use in Mumbai include:


● Family history

● Easy access

● Mental illnesses

● Lack of strong social support


Most people gamble without having problems. However, others find it hard to control their gambling. Gambling can become a  problem in your life and turn into a serious addiction. You are also likely to develop problems with alcohol and drugs when you become a compulsive gambler.  


Pathological gambling or gambling disorders are patterns of behavior that take a toll on someone’s family, persona and social life, and even career severely.

How We Treat Addiction

The most important step to living a addiction-free life is acknowledging the existence of the problem.


Several forms of care are available at our facility. However, most of our patients receive a mix of approaches. We typically use a combination of medications, self-help groups, and psychological canceling in our treatment programs. Our inpatient addiction treatment programs involve:



this first step involves getting rid of addictive substances from your body and managing severe withdrawal symptoms.


Behavior therapies and canceling

Therapy can be in a group setting or one on one. Our therapies include:


• Cognitive-behavioral therapy—it helps identify and alter negative thinking buttons that you are associated with addiction.


• Motivational interviewing—It maximizes your willingness to adopt positive changes in your life.

• Group therapy helps and on social skills during treatment while also learning from others in the group.

• Family therapy—to help mend broken family relationships. It can also help your family learn how to facilitate your recovery.

• Dialectical behavioral therapy—evidence-based psychotherapy that combines strategies such as acceptance, mindfulness, and emotional regulation


Therapies for mental illnesses aim at helping you change attitudes and behaviors around addiction. It also helps strengthen your life skills and support medication-assisted treatment.



Sustained sobriety also involves focusing on remaining drug-Free. It involves helping you resume function with family and personal and social responsibilities. Aftercare programs include:

12-step programs, for example, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and sober living homes (recovery housing)

Why Inpatient Rehab Is Your Go-to Option

Whether you’re an alcoholic, smoker, or drug addict, it’s hard to face the addiction. It may feel like you’re never going to be able to quit. The good news is that with professional help like our Rehabilitation center, the road to recovery is possible. 


It’s been proven that those who attend a rehabilitation program have a higher chance of quitting their addiction and living a sober life. Aside from offering behavioral therapy and group support sessions, these facilities also provide medicine for detoxification and ongoing physical treatments. 


Recovering from alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, or any other form of addiction is often close to impossible to do alone, at home. Luckily, our reputable inpatient rehab & de-addiction centre (very accessible from Mumbai) offer programs that come with a multitude of benefits, including:


Structure: the treatment program is structured for success since it leaves you with less spare time.

It helps you focus: It’s your time for recovery. Residential treatment ensures that you don’t have to worry about job, family, or personal care issues.

Round-the-clock medical support: severe withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Inpatient offers 24-hour Supervision.

Removal from triggers: moving away from people and the environment you associate with addiction can play a crucial role in your recovery.


Other benefits are:


● Community- to help you overcome isolation and loneliness.

● Nourishing meals

● Ease in informing new habits

● Holistic or comprehensive care

● Tools for recovery

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