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Marijuana (Ganja / Cannabis / Weed) Rehab Center in India

Above 150 million people are users of marijuana (cannabis) globally. The effects caused by marijuana are often modulated by Hollywood and the entertainment industry where they often depict marijuana as an enjoyable and harmless drug.

Although some nations have taken actions to legalize the use of marijuana. Nonetheless, the effects of marijuana remain a risk to millions of people all over the world and the growing amount of people pursuing a treatment is a proof to the urgency of the issue.

Note: Marijuana is also popularly known as weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, Cannabis, and a numerous other slangs

Advantages of Residential Treatment For Weed Addiction Recovery

There are numerous advantages to receiving residential cannabis addiction treatment, the chief benefits are as follows:

  • Secluded location
    Residential addiction treatment at our rehab center gives the clients a space away from regular routine of people, events and places. Hence, encouraging users a complete environment to focus on their recovery.
  • Busy schedule
    A scheduled day that includes both counselling and various types of therapy to help keep them occupied and distracted from their cravings.
  • Personal and group counselling
    Group and one-on-one counselling sessions are an integral part of the schedule and help in recovery from marijuana addiction in rehabilitation center. Personal counselling session gives an opportunity to directly converse with the counsellor while group counselling session allows to interact and learn from all the members present.
  • 24/7 care
    Whatever the time, there are always counsellors and support staff available to assist the clients through their difficult phases. All procedures and treatments are completely confidential.
Weed Cannabis Rehab Centre India

Is Marijuana Truly Addictive?

Marijuana is often problematic for its users. While some people may disagree, experts have linked marijuana use to the development of dependence, chronic addiction, and severe withdrawal symptoms after quitting its use. Large consumption of marijuana use is unlikely to lead to overdose. However, it can take a severe toll on all aspects of your life.


Marijuana (Cannabis, Weed, Ganja) is highly addictive. You need to seek professional help if you are suffering from a marijuana use disorder. The signs of marijuana addiction include:


  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • You experience severe withdrawal symptoms when you stop using.
  • Your tolerance has increased.
  • You can’t stop even after experiencing adverse effects.

Do I Need a Residential Rehab Facility to Treat Marijuana Addiction?

Sometimes, residential treatment can be the best option for marijuana treatment. You might need the removal from triggers to get proper care and a better environment for recovery. Society has played a significant role in hindering the fight against marijuana addiction.


The increasing acceptance of the drug in most societies has made some users feel that marijuana use is no longer a problem. Besides, triggers are now everywhere. A person considering quitting marijuana use finds it hard to stop, partly because of its easy availability. If you live in such settings, residential rehab could be your best treatment option.


If you are battling a chronic marijuana addiction, you need residential treatment because of its benefits, including:


  • Access to a 24-hour professionally-monitored marijuana detox.
  • Removal from triggers at Alpha Healing Center
  • Easy access to emotional and psychological support when such help is needed
  • It offers a well-structured treatment schedule and environment for treatment and healing.
  • Easy to manage severe withdrawal symptoms

Marijuana Rehabilitation For Teens

Teens grapple with unique challenges when dealing with drug addiction issues. If your teen is battling with marijuana addiction, you need to find the right treatment facility that offers programs that address the unique challenges adolescents face.


While it may be OK for a teenager with a mild addiction to enter outpatient rehab care, residential rehabs tend to produce better results.


Signs that your teen needs residential marijuana rehab can  include:


  • Unsuccessful outpatient treatment
  • Repeated relapse
  • Chronic marijuana/Ganja/weed addiction necessitating intensive professional help
  • Safety concerns, for instance, a teen with suicidal thoughts.
  • An adolescent with a dual diagnosis
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Marijuana Addiction FAQs

Marijuana (a.k.a weed or Ganja or Cannabis) can successfully be treated in both inpatient and outpatient rehab centres. Outpatient treatment centres typically work best for those who are high-functioning addicts. In other words, they can still manage a relatively normal day to day life despite their addiction. Outpatient rehab allows clients to maintain their work and family obligations while attending addiction counselling therapy a few times a week.

For those with a more severe addiction, inpatient addiction treatment is usually recommended.

There are many short and long-term effects of cannabis/marijuana abuse, but some of the most worrisome long-term effects are as follows:

  • Increased hunger referred to as ‘the munchies’ can lead to weight gain over time
  • Loss of interest in school, work or hobbies
  • Slowed reactions and decreased problem solving abilities
  • Poor coordination
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Paranoia or distorted perceptions

It is a common misconception that developing an addiction to marijuana is not possible and thus many people showing symptoms of marijuana addiction do not seek help. Marijuana is one of the most widely abused drugs globally, and thus marijuana addiction is more common than many people think.

When a joint after work to relax or smoked socially with friends at a party turns into something you need to get you through a regular day, you are looking at the first signs of marijuana addiction.

The post-treatment care program is offered to all progressing clients, and its benefits should surely be availed. After going back to the regular regime at home, a relapse may trigger and the team at the Alpha Healing Center are always available even after completion of the Marijuana Addiction Treatment.

Every individual’s fight with the addiction is different and so will their treatment. However, a recommendation of 28 days at the facility is required for an effective marijuana or weed treatment. In some severe cases, the recommendation of 90 days will be essential.

The Alpha Healing Center has one of the finest residential rehab programs in the country. It avowals of a private accommodation in a splendid, serene setting amidst nature. Their professional trained counselors have years of mutual experience in treating addiction and many of them are currently in recovery themselves, implying they are able to pull from personal experience during counseling sessions as well.

Their well-trained counselors in methods of Recovery Zones treatment which are three collective treatments of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12 Steps methodology and mindfulness therapy. A combination of these treatments has guaranteed effectiveness at the Alpha Healing Center. In addition, art therapy, drama therapy, physical fitness and much more are added to benefit the client. Guaranteeing that every client will encompass the skills required for a lasting recovery from heroin addiction.

In many cases, yes. But it is important to speak to our administration staff to see whether or not your specific insurance policy is accepted.

Even though it is more expensive than an outpatient addiction treatment, it is very crucial to remember that the cost should not be the deciding factor in making a decision about which rehab is best suitable for addiction treatment of Marijuana. It is important to consider both the efficiency of the program and the qualifications of the counselors. That being said, The Alpha Healing Center is honored to offer its first class treatment at just the fraction of the cost of similar or lesser rehab facilities compared to Western countries.

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