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Best Rehab Centre in India for Depression

A depressive disorder is an ailment that includes the body, frame of mind and feelings. It interferes with the routine regime, normal functioning, and causes discomfort for the both the person with the disorder and those who care about them, although the maximum majority can be helped. A depressive disorder is a sign of personal weakness or condition that cannot be wished away. Individuals suffering from this illness require treatment to get better. Without any treatment, depressive illness can last for weeks, days, months or years. If proper treatment is provided then most people can overcome depression.

Common Symptoms of Depression

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Feeling irritable or sad, everyday
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Suicidal thoughts or death

Depression is considered to be one of the highest treatable disorder. Just like all other illnesses, the earlier the treatment is provided, the more effective it is and the probabilities of recurrence can be prevented.

Depression Treatment in India

The Approach towards Depression

The suitable way to approach depression is by consulting a physician. There are possibilities of certain medications or medical conditions such as viral infections and thyroid disorder, can cause these symptoms; and the physician needs to exclude these possibilities if any with examination, interview and lab tests. If a physical reason for depression is exclude, a test of psychological evaluation which includes mental status should be done either by the physician or a mental health professional.

An individual should converse about any family history of depression as well as their treatment, and get a complete history of symptoms, the time-line, severity and past history. And if so, whether a treatment was given or not. Inquiry is also made about alcohol, drug use and suicidal thoughts.

Once identified, an individual with depression can be treatment through various ways. The most recognized treatments are medication and psychotherapy.

Depression: Why Long-term Treatment Is Essential

For some people, depression may not last for long. Patients with mild forms of addiction often recover fully within two weeks of starting treatment. However, for some people, depression becomes chronic. In such cases, you can grapple with symptoms for even longer period.


For chronic episodes of depression, you may benefit most from a long-term treatment plan. Long-term treatment facilities have experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, among other professionals. We collaborate to ensure you get the most comprehensive treatment possible. Long-term rehab for depression offers:


• Group and personal counseling sessions that promotes personal growth and a healthy lifestyle
• Accessibility to fitness and exercise facilities for faster healing and healthy living
• Relapse prevention skills
• Education on ways to mend damaged relationships for sustained recovery

Do You Need Rehab For Depression?

Most people think that treating depression only involves meeting with a mental health expert weekly for filling medications. Others view it as having a few-minute therapy session once per week. Rehabilitation for depression rarely crosses their minds. Moreover, society associates rehab with substance use disorders only. The truth is that you might need rehab for depression.


Here are the signs that you might benefit from a more intensive treatment environment that rehab offers:

• Depression is taking a toll on your career.
• You consume alcohol or use drugs as a coping mechanism.
• Your daily routine is beginning to overwhelm you.
• You have suicidal thoughts.
• You can’t maintain crucial relationships.


While you may benefit from outpatient care, residential treatment is your best treatment option for chronic depression.

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It is crucial that any drug or alcohol addict is carefully assessed for depression. If an individual identifies with the indications of depression, then they should be treated for both their addiction and depression. In some cases, anti-depressants are prescribed and it must be acknowledged that they are only a small part of the treatment and extra work of recovery must be included.

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