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What is Alcohol Dependence Syndrome?
General Information A workable definition of ADS according to ICD-9-CM (the International Classification for Diseases) is that it’s a chronic disease in which the affected individual craves alcoholic drinks without the ability to control his/her drinking. Such a person repeatedly drinks alcohol in large amounts for the same effects. Upon withdrawal, s/he experiences strong withdrawal…
What is Compulsive Gambling
General Information Also known as pathological gambling or gambling disorder, compulsive gambling is an uncontrollable urge to continue gambling regardless of the negative consequences it brings to your life and the people around you. Compulsive gamblers are willing to risk something they value with the hope to get more value out of it despite losing…
Hobbies for recovering alcoholics
Hobbies For All Recovering Alcoholics
How To Overcome Cravings For Alcohol   When someone craves alcohol, s/he has a visceral desire to drink it in response to certain stimuli, which can originate from withdrawal or a host of environmental factors. For example, staying around people, places, or things associated with your drinking history can quickly drive you into a craving.…
How To Overcome Alcoholism On Your Own
Alcoholism never seems to stop creating chaos in our local families and societies. There’s an urgent need to deal with, if not prevent the problem from causing more deaths, conflicts, and other disgraceful happenings amongst us. If you’re here to learn more about it and how to escape the perilous disorder, stick right here. What…
Current State Of Alcohol Addiction In India
Introduction Nowadays very frequently we can hear the common term; ‘Alcohol Addiction’. Many of us use the term without having any scientific knowledge of it. In the present Indian scenario, it’s very important to have a clear perspective of alcohol and alcohol addiction as day by day alcohol consumption is increasing in our country. There…
why relapse is common
Why is Relapse so Common?
Why is drug or alcohol relapse so common in India, and how does it come about? A useful analogy is your house flooding. You leave for the weekend and forget to close the bathtub upstairs. Water overflow runs into the hall. As it falls down the stairs, its splashes reach the living room. When you…

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