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Gambling Addiction Treatment and Rehab

A behavioural practice where a person impulsively gambles despite of it generating negative consequences in their life is termed as a gambling addiction. Just like all process addictions, the problems lies in the reward center of the human brain. A compulsive gambler is drawn to a high they feel when they place a bet –which has parallel effects to the brain as substance use.


The brain is swamped with dopamine and endorphins every time an individual places a frequent gambling bet. Ultimately, the brains changes it pattern depending on the use of chemicals, which causes to make a person feel either happy or satiated. After a few repetitions of dopamine and endorphins the brain no longer feels pleased or content; thus urging the gambler to place a bet again. Regardless of the adverse consequences, a gambling fanatic will keep going after the feeling of high.

Harmful Effects of Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a serious addiction and renders a lot of loss in terms of both finance and assets. Those with severe gambling addictions cannot think rationally and go to extreme extents to manage finances for their bets.



Relationships with dear ones also get stressed with a gambling addiction. Compulsive Gamblers tend to borrow money from others, mortgage out assets to fulfil their gambling needs and spin a web of lies to keep things in the unknown. The addiction can also cause individuals to have anxiety pangs, mood swings or depression and keep them away from attending work.

Gambling Rehab Center In India

Kinds of Treatments for Gambling (Disorder) Addictions

If you are battling a gambling addiction, seek for professional examination and addiction treatment as soon as you can. Your therapist will help you select between outpatient and inpatient care.


If your condition is mild or you are still at an early stage of addiction, an outpatient treatment program can be the right fit for your problem. Outpatient care allows you to receive treatment without affecting your other daily routines. You will need to attend only a few therapy sessions per week. Your therapist will design a schedule that fits into your program.


If your gambling addiction is chronic, you might need a de-addiction treatment plan that removes you from your triggers and offers around the clock professional supervision. Such a level of care is best provided in an inpatient setting.



Inpatient or residential addiction rehab requires you to live in the treatment facility during treatment. It will offer you the best environment and ample time to concentrate on your treatment and recovery. Moreover, it will equip you with relapse prevention skills first before allowing you to put them to practice. Get in touch with Alpha Healing Center for the best inpatient private gambling addiction rehab in Gujarat.

Advantages of Residential Rehab for Gambling Addiction

Some of the important advantages of inpatient treatment for gambling addiction are as mentioned below:

  1. Residential rehab is away from people or places that could trigger addiction.
  2. Allows every individual to solely concentrate on recovery.
  3. Inclusive treatment program with 24/7 care

Being in a residential rehab is a safe sanctuary for gambling fanatics to avail treatment for their fixation. Away from the casinos or racecourses and with limited access to the internet these individuals will totally be able to focus on recovery.

Unlike outpatient treatment where an individual can still be a part of the social circle, inpatients treatments at gambling rehab centres allows individuals to completely focus on recovery. It also includes scheduled group therapy counselling, personal therapy counselling, fitness and mindfulness therapy that are modulated to help keep the clients busy with the activities and rise their chances of a successful long-term recovery.

What Causes Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction and the development of dependency on the vice often happen so fast. Partly, it could be because society has nurtured us to embrace the notion of risking, competing, and taking pride in winning. Eventually, the winning and risking rush turns into an uncontrollable obsession. That’s probably, how gambling sets in and becomes chronic.


Gambling addiction isn’t often anecdotic. The problem insidiously and progressively sets in and advances over time. While it might start as a form of entertainment to some people, emotions take precedence over reason during gambling.


When you begin to believe that you can formulate strategies to outshine “the system,” the chances of losing control and over gambling are considerably high. The excitement feelings you often have after you have lost or won can push you to engage in the vice even more.

Risk Factors For Gambling Addiction

Risk-taking is human nature. Whether it’s placing a bet on your favorite football team or gambling on a slot machine, things that offer both potential rewards and risks often thrill people.

Gambling, alongside the consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs, can become compulsive and uncontrollable. While social researchers have not come up with an agreeable list of factors that causes one to gamble, the risk factors include:

• Living with a loved one with a gambling addiction
• Frustrations, solitude, and boredom
• Financial problems, for instance, low income, increased financial needs in the family, and debts.
• Existing substance use disorders, for instance, drugs and alcohol addiction.
• Having a highly competitive personality trait
• Environmental factors—for instance, the overgrowing supply and easy accessibility to gambling content and gambling facilities
• Psychological factors—for instance, childhood trauma, unmet needs, and repressed emotions; gambling becomes a way of relieving stress.

Selecting the Alpha Healing Treatment Center

Like substance use disorders, gambling addictions can destroy your entire life, taking a toll on your relationships, family finances, careers, and health. Professional gambling addiction treatment can offer the support and tools you need to fight the condition and live a healthy life.


Mental health practitioners at gambling residential rehab have found that obsessive gamblers respond well to therapy and group treatment at our rehab centre.


At the Alpha Healing Center, we use evidence based therapies and medications in an inpatient setting to offer comprehensive care to patients. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has shown to be remarkably effective in treating gambling addictions. It imparts healthy habits, teaches relapse prevention skills, and helps you identify the underlying causes of your condition. Moreover, we complement CBT with other therapies, including:


• Family therapy 

• 12-step programs, for instance, Gamblers Anonymous

• Dialectical behavioral therapy

• Experiential therapies

• Group therapy


Get in touch with us today and begin your journey to recovery at one of the best gambling rehab!

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All the treatments at the Alpha Healing Center are downright confidential. Other than the people chosen to be told, there will be no disclosure to anyone else.

Time Duration of Gambling Addiction Treatment

The usual time duration of a treatment at our luxury gambling addiction treatment center is 45 days but it also depends on each gambling addict / individual situation and recovery and hence some people may require more time. An initial assessment will help in deciding the time period.

Confidentiality of the Gambling Disorder Treatment

Issues of confidentiality that arise as part of therapists’ work are binding.  A reputable gambling addiction therapist will endeavor to honor and respect your trust. Hence we maintain your privacy and explain clearly the perimeters of privacy and confidentiality.

Post-process Treatment

Every individual is encouraged to participate in the aftercare program which includes online meetings, contact with the support team when required and yearly reunions to boost more patronage to the community.

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