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Alcohol Treatment Program

Professional Alcohol Rehabilitation in India

If a person is suffering from drinking problems, and that excessive alcohol consumption is causing his/her life to spiral out of control, then it’s time to seek addiction treatment from the best alcohol rehab center in Mumbai, Gujarat, India. Alpha Healing Center offers the most effective and affordable alcohol rehabilitation, alcohol de-addiction, and best alcoholism and drug abuse treatment in Mumbai, Gujarat, India, where the guests will experience an individualized and holistic approach. Located just near the cultural city of Vadodara, Gujarat, the center renders exceptional treatment that is administered by licensed professionals, who will treat the guests with dignity & respect, and help them recover from the addiction absolutely.

Alcoholism Treatment Program that Works

No matter what type of alcohol rehabilitation is required by the guest, Alpha Healing Center- best alcohol rehab and de-addiction center in Mumbai, Gujarat, India can help with its exceptional alcohol treatment program, which includes the unique method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), modernized version of the 12-Step recovery program and mindfulness meditation, with an additional focus on physical fitness for overall recovery.


This innovative and world-class treatment program is complemented by the highly accredited staff of the center and the warm hospitality of Indian locals, making it unique to any other treatment offered in India.

Treatment Program Complemented by Highly Trained Staff

The Alpha Healing Center boasts of an impressive team, which includes highly trained, counseling specialists, holding many years of experience dealing with all forms of alcohol addiction.


In addition to it, this alcohol de-addiction center in Mumbai, Gujarat, India also has a full-time medical team, which is present on-site for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The team consists of competent psychiatrists, psychologists, and efficient & gentle nursing staff.


With the generous support given by the people at Alpha Healing Center, an individual will truly experience home-like feeling, and with an effective treatment program & highly qualified staff, a guest can expect the highest level of care that any rehabilitation center in India, or the world, has to offer.

Alcohol Rehabilitation: Does It Really Work?

When contemplating whether to enter rehab, you may be skeptical about whether it’ll work. You might even start inquiring about statistics on the success rate of treatment plans.


While doing your homework before embarking on any form of treatment is prudent, it is vital to know that rehab works. Many people have gone through our rehab centre and come out not only sober but also better versions of their former selves.


However, rehab best works only for people who are determined to succeed and committed to the program.


The effects of alcohol on your life and relationships begin the moment you binge for the first time. While an occasional sip of red wine at a party shouldn’t cause concern, chronic consumption of spirits, wine, beer, and illicit brews, can take a toll on all aspects of your life. Alcohol can also destroy your social life, career, school, and set in motion a roller coaster of issues with the law enforcement officers.


An Effective & Affordable Residential Treatment for Alcoholism

For effective alcoholism treatment, each individual at Alpha Healing Center is given a private room that is equipped with luxurious facilities. Moreover, the stay at the center, which is surrounded by the beauty of nature, is quite affordable and encourages the guests to completely get involved in the treatment programs to recover themselves.


Considering these factors, the Alpha Healing Center proves to be the perfect place for an individual to begin the journey to recovery from addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Detox

The treatment program is designed and rendered with an aim to heal body and mind simultaneously. As soon as an individual arrives at the center for rehabilitation, he/she will undergo an assessment to identify whether the guest is physically dependent on alcohol or not. If the person is suffering from alcohol dependence, then he/she has to go through medically supervised alcohol detox program for the first few days. Otherwise the individual will be given admission in the center and soon start with his/her weekly schedule of treatment, along with various therapies. The treatment also provides with an opportunity for excursions for overall recovery..

The rehabilitation center in India offers luxurious destination for addiction treatment at an affordable cost, as compared to other centers in the country. However, it depends on the duration of stay of the guest at the center. To attain more information about the cost, the prospect can contact the center.

Unless an individual’s consent regarding the declaration of treatment to the selected people by him/her is given, it is kept confidential.

It is advisable that as soon as the signs of addiction are identified, the person should start with rehabilitation process, because in case of addiction treatment, time plays a very important role.

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