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Cricket Addiction Rehab Center

Betting addiction is a condition that arises from compulsive gambling. It can be defined as an uncontrollable urge to place a bet, regardless of the risks and potential devastation losing the bet may cause you or your family. Cricket betting addiction often means you will take unnecessary risks in gambling something for the exaggerated hopes of a large return on the other end of the bet.



Betting addiction is described as a progressive addiction in that is an impulse-control disorder, meaning the victim often has an inability to fight the impulse and always succumbs to the pressure to gamble. While it can easily affect people of all genders and ages, it has been found that cricket betting addiction is more prevalent in men rather than in women in India.

Signs You’re Addicted To Cricket Betting

Understanding your addiction is one of the first steps towards beating it, and it’s important to recognise the signs of cricket betting addiction. Many people are able to bet on cricket games recreationally, without getting too attached to winning or losing, it’s when you start gambling more than you can afford to lose, that you need to reassess your behaviour.


Cricket betting addicts often fall under the category of problem gamblers, meaning they take unnecessary risks in the hopes of winning big on cricket games. You know it’s time to stop when you’re spending more and more each week, you start using money that should be for food, and other necessities, you’re spending all of your time on gambling platforms, or you can’t watch a cricket game without placing a bet.

Rehab for cricket betting addiction

What Causes Cricket Betting Addiction?

Betting addiction can arise for many reasons. It has the same dopamine effect on the brain as certain drugs do, and so it is very easy to develop a dependency on the wins associated with cricket betting. Betting addiction comes from being unable to accept a loss, and always looking to win back lost cash. It is a slippery slope when you begin chasing your losses.


Betting addiction comes from stimulation of your brain’s reward system, something that all humans need to feel fulfilled. When betting becomes compulsive, and you find that this feeling is insatiable, you know you’ve got an addiction. Many people get addicted to betting on cricket because it gives them a euphoric feeling, they want their friends to value them and respect them, or they crave the exciting entertainment element of watching the cricket games with a lot on the line.

Harmful Effects of Betting Addiction

Betting addiction can have a catastrophic effect on your mental health and if left unchecked, it can put your financial position in jeopardy. Addiction becomes dangerous when it starts affecting friends and family members, when you start racking up debt, and can’t seem to take a break from betting. When you are betting with money you can’t afford to lose, you are in a very precarious position.


Betting addiction often stems from a lack of willpower, and when you are in a habit of giving in to your urges, it can transcend into other aspects of your life. You may stop exercising, stop eating healthily, and become tense when interacting with others. While it starts as a coping mechanism or fun pass time, betting addiction can lead to anxiety and depression.

How Do I Beat Cricket Betting Addiction?

Cricket betting addiction can be addressed with gradual daily improvements. The first step to beating your addiction is admitting it exists and progressing from there. Going “cold-turkey” is a popular method but can often lead to withdrawal symptoms. One of the best ways to beat cricket betting addiction is to watch fewer games and keep track of your spending on betting, ensuring to keep spending less each week.


Speak to friends and family members about your cricket betting addiction. Ask them for support and have the help you to stay on top of it. Betting addiction doesn’t mean you have to completely stop betting, but you need to ensure it is not affecting your health, or your friend and family negatively.

Get Help For Betting Addiction
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What Are My Options For Addiction Treatment?

Betting addiction treatment is extremely common and comes in many forms. One of the best methods of treating your addiction is to speak with a professional about overcoming the issue. You need the correct support system around you or relapse will be inevitable. Visiting our Rehab Center for cricket betting is one of the most effective addiction treatments.


Often a phone call can make a huge difference on the road to recovery. Speaking with someone who understands your struggle and can help you through the pain and the guilt involved with compulsive betting can really help. Find others who are fighting their addiction in support groups online and you can build your willpower and strength.

Truths About Betting Addiction

Betting addiction is extremely common and affects many more people than you would think. Because the gambling industry is so big, betting companies are compelled for you to continue betting on a regular basis, and so betting addiction starts when you see your betting company as a friend.


Betting addiction is most common in pathological gamblers, people who have an actual mental disorder that means they continue to bet even when they know they shouldn’t and understand the reckless consequences of losing.


Those with betting addictions often have other addictions such as alcohol and smoking, meaning that it can be even more harmful than you think.


Betting addiction does not indicate that you are weak or a failure, it simply means you are in need of some support to get you back to normal. Never be afraid to ask for a helping hand.

Your Road To Recovery

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Cricket betting addiction is something that a lot of people face the task of overcoming. It’s important that you remember you are not alone, and there are many people ready to support you on your road to recovery. You can beat this, and you will be so proud of yourself when you reach the light at the end of the tunnel.


Before you know it, you’ll be strong in your ability to say no to cricket betting. You’ll be able to watch cricket games without betting and you’ll have the courage to avoid placing bets even when those around you are. It starts with admitting you have a problem, once you admit this, you are already halfway there.

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