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Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism and drug abuse for the long term can lead an individual to both physiological and physical dependence, and where physical dependence is involved, a detoxification process is required to cure it. The necessity of medical detoxification is decided considering the factors of an individual’s age, medical condition and his/her history of alcohol consumption.

What is Alcohol Detoxification?

Alcohol Detoxification is a medically supervised process that helps an individual to safely withdraw himself/herself from alcohol. It is considered to be the preliminary step in the recovery of alcoholism. But it is not necessary that all guests who come to Alpha Healing Center for alcohol rehab will require detox as it depends on the severity of each individual’s situation. Therefore, to decide the kind of treatment that is best suitable to an individual, the efficient team of the center studies each case differently.

What are the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal process observes various symptoms in an individual such as trembling, sweating and cravings for alcohol. He/she may also experience drastic changes in mood & blood pressure. In more severe cases, seizures or delirium tremens (DTs) can occur. DTs include various symptoms such as marked tremors (the shakes) and delirium (confusion, a state of agitation and auditory & visual hallucinations), and in some cases it may result in death. These can start soon after a few hours of an individual taking his/her last drink.
The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can quite quickly increase in severity i.e. the level may increase from the shakes to a full-blown seizure in just a few hours. Therefore, it is very important for an individual, who is facing the problem of alcohol dependence, to go through a medically supervised dependency detox. Usually, after a span of 48 hours, the symptoms start to decrease their level of severity, as the body functions once again begin to normalize. However, in extreme cases, the symptoms may continue to worsen over the next few days.

Depending upon their own situation, each individual undergoing a detox program will suffer different reactions. The list of symptoms of the process may also include anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, and impaired mood.

All detoxification programs at Alpha Healing Center are supervised by the expert medical team.

Alcohol Rehab and Detox Programs: What To Know

Alcohol detox presents an opportunity for your body to get rid of alcohol-related detox. Patients in alcohol rehab need some degree of commitment to detox and therapy to get the desired results.

Drug detox comes with withdrawal, which can be overwhelming. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. A mental health professional with design a detox program based on your unique needs.

Alcohol detox isn’t a stand-alone treatment plan. However, it’s the first step on your road to recovery if your condition is chronic. The next step is therapy—which teaches relapse prevention and healthy coping skills.

Importance Of Alcohol Detox

Accessibility to medical care is among the top benefits of alcohol detox. A proper alcohol detox occurs in a medical setting where specialized professionals work hard to ease severe withdrawal symptoms.

If your alcohol addiction is chronic, it can be risky if you detox at home. Unmonitored and abrupt detoxification can be life-threatening. The risks are both severe withdrawal symptoms and complications the symptoms create for other co-occurring disorders that you might have.

A professionally-monitored detox offers medication to ease withdrawal and also psychological supports necessary to stabilize your thoughts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Detox

The on-site medical staff and clinical team will have one-on-one meeting with the individual, as soon as he/she arrives at Alpha Healing Center. On the basis of this meeting, it will be decided whether or not the guest requires a withdrawal period before commencing with the treatment program.

During the first few days of detox program, an individual experiences a number of both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, as the brain and body functions take time to readjust without the presence of alcohol. And, as discussed above, the withdrawal process may observe various symptoms.


‘Stabilization’ is the key component of detoxification, and this term includes all the medical and psychological interactions that take place to support the individual to achieve the state of physical and psychological balance. Therefore, though medication has similar effect to alcohol, it may be prescribed to the person to regulate the symptoms of withdrawal. But it will be tapered off gradually during the program as it is not a long-term medication.

The treatment program of those guests who require a medically supervised alcohol detoxification, includes rehabilitation.

As described earlier, alcohol withdrawal symptoms are different for each individual. Thus, it may take more than a week to detox for some. However, with careful medical supervision and proper medication, an individual can withdraw himself/herself from alcohol in just a couple of days.

For the guests dependent on alcohol, the process of detoxification is an essential step to help aid recovery. And while the body and brain once again learns to function without alcohol, it is very important to keep guests safe from life-threatening symptoms. Also, to avoid the situation of relapse, to continue the treatment after detoxification is quite essential.

However, detoxification is the very first step and what comes after it is incredibly important. For the guests to able to learn recovery tools and coping skills to stay away from alcohol in future, the full alcohol addiction treatment program is of great significance for them. There have been many cases wherein people begin to drink and get addicted due to the underlying issues such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem and abuse among others, also to forget about the problems in life and self-medicate for several disorders, which is not a healthy option to solve the issues. So, to make the guests understand and learn better choices to deal with life and stay away from alcohol, Alpha Healing Center uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the 12 Steps Program, Mindfulness Meditation and many more ways to teach them to manage life and stress in a manner that does not involve any substance abuse. Detoxification alone is not enough to recover and stay sober.

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