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Why Choose Inpatient Care?

  • Why Choose Inpatient Care?

The Benefits of Inpatient Care

  • No triggers : Inpatient care separates you from your addiction and reduces the chance for relapse during treatment. You need time to recover and be away from life stresses that could trigger your addiction.
  • Less stress : Inpatient treatment is like a small haven that allows clients to focus exclusively on recovery. All-inclusive meals, maid service, and recreational opportunities linked to your recovery help you focus on nothing but healing.
  • 24-Hour Care : Recovery is not easy. Whether you are going through the physical or the emotional symptoms of detox, you need someone there around-the-clock to support and treat you.
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  • Daily and Weekly Schedules : Our holistic approach introduces you to a regular schedule that is based on treatment and gentle recovery. A routine that is relaxing and yet keeps you busy is a great first step in reclaiming your life.
  • Relaxing surroundings : The fresh air and beautiful surroundings provide you a tropical paradise where your only goal is to heal and recover.
  • Support after you return home : Your journey starts with us and does not end after you leave. Aftercare and referrals are provided after your stay to help you remain in recovery when you return home.
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