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Unmasking My Hidden Struggles: Abhiraam talks about his Journey of Discovery and Triumph

Abhiraam’s life had always been a whirlwind of emotions and unpredictable moments. Born and raised in the bustling city of Mumbai, he was known for his boundless energy and his tendency to impulsively act on every fleeting thought. He was often the center of attention, but it wasn’t always for the right reasons.


In school, Abhiraam’s challenges with attention and focus became increasingly apparent. While other kids diligently completed their assignments, he struggled to sit still and concentrate on his work. His notebooks were filled with half-finished math problems and doodles that sprawled across the pages. Teachers, well-meaning but perplexed, often labeled him as “unfocused” or “disruptive.”


His relationships, both with family and friends, bore the brunt due to his behaviour. He would forget important events and anniversaries, sometimes blurt out hurtful comments without thinking, and impulsively make decisions that left others bewildered. While his friends appreciated his spontaneous sense of humor and his willingness to embark on spontaneous adventures, his impulsivity occasionally caused awkward moments, leading to misunderstandings and strained friendships.


As he entered adulthood, Abhiraam’s challenges persisted. He enrolled in college but found it difficult to stay engaged in lectures. His mind often wandered to a thousand different thoughts, making it nearly impossible to follow a single train of thought. His attempts to hold down a job were similarly fraught with difficulties. He would impulsively blurt out his opinions in meetings, disrupting the flow of discussions. Deadlines seemed like distant mirages, and his disorganized desk was a visual testament to the chaos within.


It wasn’t until Abhiraam reached his early thirties that he started to suspect that there might be more to his struggles than just his “nature.” One evening, while browsing the internet, he stumbled upon an article that discussed a medical condition with symptoms that seemed to mirror his own experiences. As he read about the restlessness, impulsivity, and difficulty concentrating, he couldn’t help but see himself in the descriptions.


Curiosity piqued, Abhiraam delved deeper into this mysterious condition, uncovering a wealth of information about its symptoms and the impact it could have on one’s life. He realized that what he had always considered his “quirks” might be symptoms of a legitimate medical condition.


Filled with newfound hope and determination, Abhiraam decided to seek professional help. He scheduled an appointment with a psychologist at Alpha Healing Center who specialized in this mysterious condition. The psychologist listened intently as Abhiraam shared his life’s journey, from his childhood struggles to his adult challenges.


After a series of assessments and discussions, the psychologist delivered the revelation that had been eluding Abhiraam for so long. “Abhiraam,” she said gently, “you have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD.”


The word hung in the air, heavy with meaning. Abhiraam’s heart raced as he absorbed the diagnosis. It was both a moment of clarity and a whirlwind of emotions. All those years of feeling like an outsider, of battling impulsivity and inattention, finally had a name.


This is the story of our client. With a formal diagnosis in hand, Abhiraam embarked on a journey of self-improvement with his personal therapist. He booked a 30 day rejuvenation programme at our center. He began attending therapy sessions where he learned strategies to manage his symptoms. Medication was also part of his treatment plan under observation of a senior resident psychiatrist at our center, helping to regulate his attention and impulses. He discovered the power of mindfulness and meditation, which is a part of our holistic programme.  This helped him stay grounded and present.


Within thirty days, Abhiraam started to notice a profound transformation in his life. He took a discharge when he was ready and learned how to manage his condition with the right knowledge. After leaving Alpha, he became more organized, meeting deadlines at work and maintaining a tidy desk. In social situations, he practiced active listening and learned to control his impulses. He even began mending some of the strained relationships in his life, as friends and family better understood his condition and his commitment to managing it.


On this particular ADHD awareness week, our client Abhiraam shares his story with the world, hoping that others would learn from his journey. He wanted to emphasize the importance of understanding the symptoms of ADHD and the potential for transformation through timely diagnosis and proper management. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of self-discovery in overcoming life’s challenges.


As Abhiraam reflects on his past and looks forward to a brighter future, he now knows that his ADHD would always be a part of him, but it would no longer define him. Instead, it has become a source of strength, resilience, and inspiration to others on their own journeys of self-discovery and growth.


We at Alpha, wish you health, peace and lots of love. 

The content, stories, or testimonials shared on this platform are intended to illustrate general experiences and are not specific references to individual clients or cases. All personal information, identities, and details have been altered or omitted to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in India. Any resemblance to actual individuals or situations is purely coincidental. The primary purpose of sharing such content is to provide insights, inspiration, and education about the services we offer without disclosing the identity of any client or revealing confidential information.

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