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Drug Addiction—Enslaved to a Substance
Substance addiction in literal sense is its dependency to an extent that it starts controlling you. Which means, you lose control over your choices of not taking the substance. It also means being controlled by the people who provide you with such drugs. Your behavior becomes focused on seeking money to get drugs. In simple…
Porn Addiction Help - Rehab & Treatment
What Do You Do When Cravings Hit?
Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or smoking addiction you are recovering from, cravings can hit you anytime. Doesn’t matter if you have quite a week before or not used it for a long time. Cravings or urges are a common part of the addiction recovery and are quite intense during the withdrawal phase. For successful and complete…
Social Stigma associated with Rehabilitation
“Recovery is not a race. You don’t have to feel guilty if it takes you longer than you thought it would.” – Unknown Addiction of any sort is a lengthy mental battle that the mind and body endure, making it, agonizing until it is sailed through. Falling prey to addiction, suffering health deterioration, realization, recovery…
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Treatment
Effects of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse On Your Family!
Alcoholism and drug abuse have been affecting the lives of millions across the world. Whether it’s the parent who falls prey to alcoholism or their kids who get trapped into the vicious drug addiction, its negative impact affects the addicts in many ways. The evident impairment of addiction can be seen in their social behavior…
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Debunking Myths About Rehabilitation Centers
Drug Abuse has become a pressing health concern worldwide and has seen rising drug-related disorders and death toll over the years. Addiction of any form, whether drug, alcohol or smoking, is life-devouring and affects the person at various levels, including his mental and physical health and his social life. Rehabilitation centers in India offer a…
rehab center in india
Short term detox vs. Long Term Rehab
Substance addiction can take a toll on one’s life. Realizing the need for help and seeking assistance for treatment are the important initial steps in the journey to recovery. Yet, many questions pop up in the mind when you decide to take that first step; like ‘should I opt for detox or rehab?’, ‘what would…

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