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Hobbies for recovering alcoholics
Hobbies For All Recovering Alcoholics
How To Overcome Cravings For Alcohol   When someone craves alcohol, s/he has a visceral desire to drink it in response to certain stimuli, which can originate from withdrawal or a host of environmental factors. For example, staying around people, places, or things associated with your drinking history can quickly drive you into a craving.…
Current state of alcohol addiction in India
Current State Of Alcohol Addiction In India
Introduction Nowadays very frequently we can hear the common term; ‘Alcohol Addiction’. Many of us use the term without having any scientific knowledge of it. In the present Indian scenario, it’s very important to have a clear perspective of alcohol and alcohol addiction as day by day alcohol consumption is increasing in our country. There…
12 step recovery program in India
How a 12 Step Program Helps Recovery, Is It Right For You?
In the lexicon of de-addiction therapies, ’12-Steps’ is a very popular term. But what are those 12 Steps who designed them, and how does the 12-Step recovery program help from addiction? This post hopes to throw more light on the same. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) AA is a global community that was incepted around 80 years…
De-addiction center
How to choose an appropriate de-addiction center?
Having to select a de-addiction or rehabilitation center is one of the more puzzling decisions that one would have to make. This is because unlike for other decisions where one can rely on the experiences of near and dear ones, very few people would be able to narrate their experience of going through rehab. Nevertheless,…
Gambling addiction – Don’t Gamble Your Life Away
Wherever it is legal, a lot of people might have engaged in recreational gambling with some spare change, just to try their luck. Gambling may also be indulged upon once upon a time, especially during festivals. However, this temporary indulgence, for some people, becomes an obsession, and they may go to extreme lengths to try…
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  • I am immensely grateful to Alpha Healing Center for their unwavering support and guidance throughout my recovery journey. The comprehensive treatment ... Read More

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