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Rehabilitation Centre For Celebrity, High Profile Individuals, and VIPs in India

Rehabilitation Centre For Celebrity, High Profile Individuals, and VIPs in India


Celebrities and high profile individuals often face a number of challenges when it comes to addiction. Not only do they need help, but they also need a place where they can go to get the treatment they deserve. Celebrities including business men would like to maintain utmost confidentiality & not reveal their identity. At Alpha center you can be assured of strict confidentiality of all your information. This is why it’s imperative for them to find the best private rehabilitation centre in India. Our luxurious rehab centre offers personalized care for celebrities and high-profile individuals that are struggling with addiction. We not only offer treatments that are tailored for each individual, but we also provide world-class service that is unmatched by any other rehabilitation centre in India. 

The Importance of finding the right Rehabilitation Centre


Rehabilitation is an important part of your journey of recovery. It’s not a temporary fix, and rehab centres that treat only the symptoms and don’t address the underlying issues can actually cause more harm than good. Rehabilitation is like a step-by-step guide for you to regain control of your life. It’s not easy. It’s a life-long journey. But we make it easy with our world class treatment and care. We don’t just help you to recover, but we help you to thrive. Whether you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, marijuana addiction, or any other addiction, our expert doctors and counselors can help you move forward with your life. Don’t believe us? Then check out our testimonials and reviews to see what our patients have to say about us.

Consequences of Addiction


Addiction isn’t just about alcohol or drug dependence. It can also result in cocaine or meth addiction. Celebrity often have issues with excessive smoking. In fact, many have an addiction to nicotine or marijuana. Regular alcohol consumption can also turn into a dependence over time. If it doesn’t, it can result in addiction. For celebrities, an addiction can lead to severe health problems and career related issues too. People suffering from alcoholism can have alcohol-related liver and/or kidney disease. Addiction can also result in extreme depression and panic attacks.

Our Luxury Rehab Centre in India


Our treatment program in India is always customized to the requirements of each patient. Our team of qualified professionals understands every single aspect of your life. We take great care in finding the best treatment solution to help you regain your life. Our Private Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with a wide range of facilities and is designed to give the best experience to our patients. Our services are not just limited to rehab therapy. You can also receive intensive treatment. We offer a number of medical facilities, including psychological counseling, life coaching, yoga training, art therapy and music therapy. We also offer a number of rehabilitation packages in our private rehabilitation centre in India.

What Makes Us Different


Whether a celebrity, VIP or high profile individual is struggling with alcohol addiction, PTSD, gambling problems, or an addiction to anything, we provide the most cutting edge treatment. We believe in individualized care that is tailored to each individual. Our success has been based on in-depth and comprehensive assessments that determine each patient’s needs and how best to treat them. And our treatment process is uniquely organized for our patients’ convenience and peace of mind.

An Ever-Evolving Approach to Recovery


We have been working with celebrity and VIP clients since 2018. Since then, we have helped our clients heal from their addiction to alcohol, drugs, depression and gambling. We have helped our clients to become healthier and happier. The success of our clients is the highest form of inspiration for our team of professionals.

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We take pride in being the #1 choice rehab centre that specializes in treating celebrity and high-profile clients who are struggling with addiction.


With our comprehensive and multi-disciplinary treatment, rehabilitation and therapy programmes, you will be able to overcome the challenges that you face when you are addicted to alcohol or any other substance. You will have a life free from the chains of addiction. Our highly skilled and trained staff members will help you kick the addiction and seek a better life.


Our professional counselling team offers individualized and customized treatment plans for all types of addictions. They assess each client’s situation and provide treatment based on individualized requirements. Our professionals do not rush with the patients.


The high-profile world of celebrities, athletes, and VIPs often has us imagining their lives as perfect. But even those with seemingly perfect lives can struggle with addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcoholism, don’t wait to get help. A high-quality rehabilitation centre can be the first step towards recovery and a life without addiction.

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