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Efficient and Inexpensive Addiction Treatment

It is known information that millions of people around the globe are addicted to drugs and alcohol. But there is very little awareness that millions more are addicted to what is known as processes – behaviors that an individual can be addicted to. These include food addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, and internet addiction. It comes to a surprise that these process addictions have skyrocketed in recent times.


And though it may seem that process addictions may not have a similar negative effect as alcohol or drug addiction – it is completely untrue. Every addiction whether substance or process can cause casualty and create utter havoc in the life of an addict and the ones close to them.

Understanding Process Addiction

Addiction is a prime chronic disease that affects the alteration of the brain’s reward function. With the use of a process addiction, it further triggers the reward system. Over a period of time, the addict finds it impossible to derive the same pleasure in other activities as they can through the process which they are addicted to.

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Kinds of Process Addictions Treated at The Alpha Healing Center in India

There are four kinds of process addictions although the treatment for each one is affiliated. The addictions are as follows:

  • Food Addiction
    In recent times ‘food addiction’ and ‘sugar addiction’ has become a well-known term over recent times. Let’s understand what these terms mean. Basically, food and sugar addiction are similar and both subsist when an individual cannot control the urge to consume food specifically those high in sugar, fat and/or salt. And the consumption is so high that it causes negative effects on their body and life.

  • Gambling Addiction
    In some countries, gambling is not only legal but is also promoted. For some individuals, betting and gambling regularly become an addiction that they are unable to stop. They submerge themselves into a large number of debts, ruins personal relations and more.

  • Internet Addictions
    The world wide web is easily accessible on the fingertips of every individual through smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Regrettably, it is challenging to find the difference between a ‘normal’ internet use and internet addiction. The internet is actually a boon to be connected with family and friends but sometimes it interferes with productivity and causes health issues too.

  • Sex Addiction
    Sex is a natural component of human life. For several individuals, it becomes almost an obsession. Sex addiction occurs when a person spends growing measures of time reasoning and questing new sexual encounters. When the effect of sexual addiction is affected by relationships, work productivity and health, it is most likely that an individual is suffering from sex addiction.

Treatment of Process Addictions at The Alpha Healing Center

The Alpha Healing Center is a comprehensive, fine class addiction treatment for process addictions program that can successfully cater and treat all of the above mentioned addictions. The state-of-art Recovery Zones is specifically configured to treat addictions where abstinence is not achievable as a life-long goal, compared to those suffering from food, sex, and internet addiction. The Recovery Zones is an amalgamation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12 Steps and mindfulness meditation to profitably treat the addictions; likewise to equip individuals with relapse interference plans.

Challenges of Treating Process Addictions

Drug and alcohol addictions are treated differently than process addictions since other than gambling addiction, complete abstinence is not possible. To totally abstain from food, it will surely cause death but abstaining from sex or the internet is just not practical. It is necessary to alter process addiction programs since it needs to fit with other addictions. Therefore, it is crucial to find a treatment center that has existent experience in treating process addictions, such as the Alpha Healing Center in India. Their highly trained counselors are well versed in sex, internet, food and gambling addictions including the challenges these addictions present.

Process During the Addiction Rehab in India

As the body is not physically dependent on behaviors, medically supervised detox is not essential for process addictions. Therefore, clients are directly moved into a treatment of personal and group counseling sessions combined with physical and mental fitness activities such as physical fitness, mindfulness therapy and more.


The essential therapies CBT, 12 Steps and Recovery Zones help in avoiding addiction triggers and new coping strategies are coached to handle when faced with cravings or inevitable triggers. In addition, everything from meals to laundry will be taken care of.

Confidentiality of Process Addiction Treatment

All the procedures of the treatments are downright confidential. Other than the people chosen to be told, there will be no disclosure to anyone else.

Seek Help!

Addiction is a degenerative and progressive disease. Hence, the more you prolong getting professional treatment, the worse it gets. The best chance of a prosperous recovery is if you seek help immediately during the initial signs. 

If a loved one is suffering from any of the above process addiction, please fill the contact form or call the Alpha Healing Center today.

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