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Read Out Malena’s Sober Story

Hi my name is Malena just like to share my story I was on crack cocaine for 5 year’s I meet my husband April 17, 2015 I was open and honest with him from the first day told him I have serious problem and I am addicted to crack so on May 4th, 2015 he came to me and say’s Malena I could fall in Love With You, but you are going to have to let that go I said okay I fell down to my knees and cried and told him thank you.

I need somebody in my life to come like you to open my eyes on May 4th 2015 I went to bed that night woke up May 5th, 2015 been clean ever sense with the blessing of God’s help haven’t touched it hadn’t been willing to look back haven’t been wanting to go back that stuff destroyed my life put me through hell destroyed my family took me away from my family and has almost killed me I don’t  not ever plan to go back me.

My husband got married October 23rd 2015 and I will not lie the journey through my recovery has been hell I’ve been homeless I have had people use my past against me with my addiction I have lost jobs but through all this being homeless losing jobs and being broke having no money not knowing where I am going to sleep or eat some day’s I still have not picked up July 5th, 2016.

I hit 14 month’s clean just wanted to share my story honestly still shocked still to this day that I didn’t even have to go to rehab or counseling  nothing basically I had the willpower to quite on my own because I was sick and tired of being tired and I was fed up with that lifestyle and I didn’t want to live it no more that gave me the willpower to quit because I never want to return to that God bless you all.

I hope I can help somebody with my story any questions I would love to answer let me know and get in contact with me threw my life I’ve never been ashamed to share my life story I’ve never been too ashamed to share my addiction I been asked why do I open up so much about my past I tell people because maybe one day I can truly help some God bless you all if I can do it anyone can.

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