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Nate’s Journey to Sober Living

I’m Nate im alcoholic and addict. My story starts living in a non alcoholic or addiction house. I have a older sibling and sports was where I found my joy. I knew I was a little bit different at the age of 7 and then I realized I needed special help with comprehending and school related material even going to Worcester for it too.

I grew up in Massachusetts born and raised in a small town of north Brookfield about a 20 minute ride to Worcester. Also at this age I was playing organized sports baseball basketball soccer. Jump ahead a few years at about the age of 12 13 found out my grandmother had breast cancer still 18 years later still think about her and her beautiful beautiful grand children she has.

My addiction from alcohol and drugs started around age 16 my sister had just graduated high school and she had a party at home and I loved the feeling of being on top of the world until the next day and I still had to go to school hung over and my first real time drunk. My addiction gradually grew from there but not on a every day basis I wanted to fit in I wanted to be liked but I didn’t feel that always being in special classes and being made fun of.

The summer of my sophomore year my parents had split which took a absolutely toll on me I didn’t know who I was where I was going what I wanted to do. My dad had just got a apartment on the 3rd floor on a grove st apartment and I saw what he was doing so I wanted to be just like him taking the pain from a divorce and take the pain away.

So I graduate high school I had no intention going to college and I worked my ass off too be able to support my alcohol drug habit and still pay the bills that I did have at the time. I had gotten my first dui in the process of nearly killing myself crashing into telephone and not even knowing what town I was in when I crashed. I was rushed to the hospital and every mothers worst nightmare is waking up in middle of the night learning your son just got in car crash.

Then my second had happend but i didn’t care even though I was going to jail Labor Day weekend that’s how selfish and irresponsible I was until I was sober then I realized that my addiction is about to take everything from me. I went into a rehab at umass med center 7th floor for about 5 days until then I realized that I wasn’t the crazy one everyone surrounding me there was I just wanted out after seeing a lady nearly kill herself with a phone cord. You would think that would be enough to get me sober but it wasn’t because this is a mental disorder disease that plays mind games with your head.

Jump ahead a few years spring of 2013 I have learned to have a child at that time she was about 8 months old then now almost 4. I don’t know why i did what I did it was a choice I made and a very bad choice but I tend to not live in the past. My past is not going to define me nor bring me down. I made the choice of not being there while she was pregnant with my child . I made the choice of not hanging around the right crowd. I also made the choice of driving while intoxicated. It’s about time to live in the moment and just for today I am so grateful for life my kids my family and my beautiful girlfriend Crissy.

I got sober on July 8th 2015 (11 months sober) I did what I wanted and that’s all that mattered to me but then it came down to me my ex gf who I am with today or the alcohol drugs. On that day I started my new life or new begging going to AA meeting and wanting to kick this addictions butt. I have a new way of thinking asking God to help when you need it. I’m very greatful for my sobriety and couldn’t have done it with out her always by my side and always being there for me whenever I need her. 

We now have a better relationship beyond from perfect but as long as I keep working seeking help on my bad days it will always be a better day sober. My message to you all if you all have the opportunity to get sober do it life gets easier the pain starts to go away and you learn a new way of life of having fun. I wish you all the best in your journey do what works best for you. #freefromaddiction

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