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Meet your Valentine – You

 Love is powerful thing. If you feel like you are giving more love than you are receiving or if you have been suffering with or recovering from addiction, this article is for you.

Every 14th of February has been about making your partner feel loved. This year, let’s bring change in the concept. Make this valentine’s day about making yourself feel loved. Healing can be a complex procedure that may involve therapy, treatment and even medication. The very core of healing however, regardless of what treatment is suitable for you is to love yourself.

Self-love means to value your own happiness and health. It is the compassion for and acceptance of yourself and to believe that you are deserving of love and happiness. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself to know if you indulge in self-love: Do you have the willingness

  • to meet your personal needs?
  • think about yourself in a non-judgmental way?
  • Understand that your life is valuable?

It is difficult for most people to instantly convert their negative thoughts into self-love. A process may be followed in order to reach there.

  • Commit to love yourself. If you think it will not work for long, write yourself a letter addressing this and sign your commitment at the bottom.
  • Remember to be grateful that you are alive, first thing every morning.
  • Accept yourself for who you are, your strengths as well as flaws.
  • Take care of your body.

Practicing self-love decreases the risk of developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It is also known to reduce stress and improve interpersonal relationships. It is an important component of self-esteem and overall well-being.  

People who have self-compassion and practice self-love generally report feeling happier, more authentic in their relationships and thus, they are usually better able to assert their ideas and opinions.

This valentine’s day, start your journey of self-love. 

Consult the de-addiction and mental health experts at Alpha Healing Centre and get a holistic recovery experience. Get help now and live a happier, steadier life ahead.

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