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  • ‘Why is Weed becoming the Need of Indian Youth? And how one can prevent it.

‘Why is Weed becoming the Need of Indian Youth? And how one can prevent it.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself”. While quoting the previous sentence, even Bob Marley, the Jamaican God of Reggae music, wouldn’t have thought that weed would become so much rampant and lead to serious addiction problems across the World. In India, consumption of weed is on the surge, as youth even from tier-2 and tier-3 cities have been found regularly taking weed.

Weed, also referred as marijuana, cannabis or ganja, is classified as a herb. It has a long history of medicinal usage across the world. In India, the youngsters are into weed like never before and it has become a ‘way of life’ for them. Parents are increasingly getting concerned as weed addiction is leading to serious social, physical & psychological consequences in their children. There are several reasons why weed has become a big part of youth in India.

  • Easy Availability

Availability of weed in remote cities and towns of India is very common. The number of smugglers to small time peddlers has grown big time, which make weed an easily available drug.

  • Weed is cheap

One of the biggest reasons for weed consumption and ultimately addiction is the cost involved. Weed is way cheaper than drugs & alcohol and it can be bought in as low as Rs.100 in a small town. The affordability of weed has made it as one of biggest addiction problems for youngsters.

  • Popular culture

Popular cultures in many countries believe weed is good and helps unlock the creative potential of a person. There are several movements in world which are endorsing weed to be legalized.

  • Medicinal History

Weed or Marijuana has a long history of being used medicinally. From boosting appetite in cancer patients to potentially saving the brain from trauma, weed finds a plethora of medical & recreational applications, leading to a belief that it is of great health benefits.

Weed addiction, along with alcohol and drug addiction, is on the charge and as a parent, one has to be very certain & aware about their children and their addictions.

How Weed deaddiction treatment at Alpha Healing Center can help?

Parents are looking for centers that provide weed deaddiction in India. At Alpha Healing Center, we help deviate the mindset of youth and lead them to weed deaddiction. In our inpatient drug, alcohol & substance abuse deaddiction program, we provide holistic healing at our center, which is India’s first and most luxurious rehabilitation center with USA affiliation.

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