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Short term detox vs. Long Term Rehab

Substance addiction can take a toll on one’s life. Realizing the need for help and seeking assistance for treatment are the important initial steps in the journey to recovery. Yet, many questions pop up in the mind when you decide to take that first step; like ‘should I opt for detox or rehab?’, ‘what would be best for me?’ or ‘are detox and rehab any different?’

To understand, let’s begin with the answer to the last question: Yes! Detox & Rehab are different. The primary difference between the two is that detox works on the physical body while rehab has a holistic approach and focuses on mental health and wellness too. Essentially, detox is the first phase and a part of rehab.

Let’s look at the differences between detox and rehab:

Detox treatment is the process in which the toxins are flushed out from the body. On average, it takes about 3 to 10 days to complete the treatment. It addresses the pain and discomfort of the physical body. The immediate effect is a reduction in anxiety and stress levels of the patient and also boosts the immunity of the system.

Detox is recommended for substance-dependent addicts and must be done under medical supervision only. Unsupervised or self-detox treatment can be dangerous and can lead to serious complications or after-effects like nausea, coma, seizures, etc. The medical team monitors the effects of the treatment and helps in addressing the withdrawal symptoms to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. The craving for drugs and alcohol goes down significantly during and after the treatment. When the body stabilizes, the patient can opt to go for rehab therapy which will further aid in maintaining sobriety for a long time.

Rehab treatment and therapies are holistic and focus on working on the psychological dependence of the substance through education, counseling, and therapies. They are usually spanning over 15 to 30 days or even longer and depends on the addiction level and intervention required for the patient. The treatments are patient-centric and tailored into group therapy sessions, individualized therapies, psychiatric services, relapse prevention tools, therapeutic activities, etc. The participation, interactions, and family therapies inculcate a sense of confidence in patients who relearn social and life skills.

A person at the early stages of substance abuse may not need detox and can directly go for rehab therapy. The evidence-based therapies and treatments offered by rehabs are quite effective as they focus on holistic healing of mind, body and spirit and aid in regaining complete wellness. These centers offer encouraging and supportive milieu that helps patients recover better and faster. Furthermore, patients also get post-treatment support in terms of providing resources, supervision, and support in the home communities to facilitate reinstating in the social environment and encouraging long-term sobriety.

If you are struggling from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and are ready to create a sober lifestyle, Alpha healing Center located in Vadodara, Gujarat- India offers comprehensive treatment services, including aftercare and relapse prevention planning, to meet your needs. Contact our counsellor today on  9136783804 or 7490023387 to begin your journey toward recovery.

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