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Drug Addiction—Enslaved to a Substance

Substance addiction in literal sense is its dependency to an extent that it starts controlling you. Which means, you lose control over your choices of not taking the substance. It also means being controlled by the people who provide you with such drugs. Your behavior becomes focused on seeking money to get drugs. In simple words, addiction enslaves you at many levels.

How Addiction Enslaves You?

In the early 30s, researchers believed that people who are addicted to substance lack will power or are ethically unsound and hence thought that punishment will help in breaking the habit. Today, scientific data proves otherwise. Addiction is a chronic disease like any other. Drug abuse & addiction causes significant damage to your brain. It changes its both, the structure and function which leads to cravings, loss of control over its use and continual use despite knowing the adverse effects.

Impact of Drug Addiction

As we discussed in the beginning, substance addiction enslaves you at many levels, in fact at all levels. The consequences are not very evident in the early period. However, with the progression of time, it changes your behavior with yourself and others around. Impulsive and compulsive conduct and eventually violence seep in to meet the needs of substance use. It takes a toll on the financial health, emotional and mental health of the family. You start losing credibility in the social environment, causing a deeper negative impact on your relationships.

Choose Freedom Over Slavery!

While addiction is distressing and enslavement to your mind and body, you have the power to choose freedom from such slavery. Long-term residential drug de-addiction programs offered by rehabilitation centers have worked wonders for many. Many rehab centers work with addicts to customize their treatment and inculcate a holistic approach towards their healing. Such centers offer you a conducive environment to openly discuss and address your unresolved issues and conflicts that may have led you to use drugs.

Life is all about second chances. As long as you decide to take charge of your life, you can make it better. Wouldn’t you want to free yourself from the enslavement of drugs? Don’t let the substance addiction rule your life. Think Freedom, Think Better Life, Think De-addiction!

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