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Drugs are one of the greatest evils for our society. The primary purpose of any rehabilitation center involves unique therapy and counseling to analyze critical aspects of your personal and professional life. Addiction comes with a huge backend attribute ‘Negativity’. It surrounds you wherever you go and whatever you do in your routine.

Importance of Drug Counselling

Counselling and therapy, takes you to the positive side of your life. Addiction sometimes upsurge regrets for oneself without any reason. Relevant and effective counselling session focuses to improve your self-knowledge, wellbeing, health, and clarity of mind.


Drug addiction always leads you to a bad behavior which begins to dismantle your regular life. The deaddiction center comes to rescue you with its counselling sessions and inpatient treatment therapy. The therapy manages to get into the roots of your crisis and critical conditioned deeds and help you heal completely.

Drug addiction counselling works by easing you to first identify the existence of the issue. Then, you will be encouraged to accomplish and endure your moderation by arming yourself with the essential psychosocial tools and holistic development to continue your recovery as a lifelong journey.


Drug Addiction

Benefits of Drug Counselling

Drug addiction counselling is an extremely helpful method of recovery. Although every counsellor has their own individual style and approach, it eventually concludes that the victim will know whether to opt for further treatment.

Counselling sessions take place every day with counsellors helping patients to discover and discourse any psychological factors that may have contributed to their addictive behavior.

Apart from the counselling, patients in rehab often take part in varied group therapy. This gives patients the opportunity to meet under the direction of a counsellor. This experience lets them to develop friendships, forming close personal bonds, which can assist in fast-tracking the recovery process.

End your pretentious pursuit of pleasures,

Cut loose the strings of drugs & act on healthy measures.

Detach yourself from the drug addiction & open new treasures.”

Do you think you need drug counselling? You decide. Alpha Healing Center (AHC), a luxurious rehabilitation center near Vadodara, is a recovery focused addiction treatment center, is rendered by highly trained staff, with an aim to heal the body and mind. The advice, treatments, and facilities that we offer is for the benefit of family members and friends of addicts. 

We don’t just do consulting, we care like a family. Your journey of rejuvenation begins here.

AHC has the most effective residential treatment program like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy, 12-Step Facilitation, etc. which focuses on the physical and mental fitness so that you can get rid of the cravings of Heroin, Ecstasy (MDMA), Ketamine, GHB, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine and other deadly drugs. In the expedition of holistic healing, we take you through the most effective and exceptional experience. For details, call: +9184691 15200 or visit AHC.

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