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  • Increasing Internet Usage Intensifies the Pornography Addiction Among Teens

Increasing Internet Usage Intensifies the Pornography Addiction Among Teens

“Pornography addiction is an addiction model of compulsive sexual activity with concurrent use of pornographic material, despite negative consequences to one’s physical, mental, social, or well-being.”

Yes, it is a sheer fact that not everyone who sees porn will become addicted to it. Generally, those who become addicted have emotional opening that allows the addiction to really take root. That is why this addiction has made teenagers its most victim.

Teen’s Exposure to Porn:

When we exchange pornographic conversations these days, we directly refer to online images and video. According to a survey, an Internet user can easily find graphic visual stimulation anytime, anyplace. That’s not strange because of the overuse of the internet as the exposure to porn has increased higher & higher among teens. It is found that approximately 93% boys and 62% girls said they were exposed to online porn as teenagers. The sad part is that the intensity increases and there is no way stopping from that for the tender age.

Sometimes the teen initially seeks out pornographic images by viewing graphic websites. The immense use of internet among kids have significantly increased the viewership of pornography. That is not a good sign and the plethora of disadvantage that impacts their tender age.

Pornography Addiction

Danger of Porn Addiction:
  1. Loss of interest in school, socializing & family time
  2. An inability to form romantic relationships
  3. Forceful feelings of depression & isolation
  4. Loss of many hours everyday to watch porn
  5. Porn use may combine with drug/alcohol abuse later
  6. Physical injury caused by compulsive masturbation
Tips for Helping Teens Overcome Addiction:
  1. Limit their media opportunities to view porn.
  2. Reduce access to online porn.
  3. Search for self-help groups.
  4. Using family therapy to address challenges
  5. Find a better game or sport as an alternative
  6. Involve them in an exciting hobby or routine.

This issue seem normal at a preliminary stage but it should be taken care with a good prevention measures because it’s the teen age you are dealing with. Teenagers are delicate and dreamy; it’s important that the serious addiction is eradicated completely.

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