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Treatment and Interventions

  • Treatment and Interventions

Treatment and Interventions

The treatment team at Alpha Healing Center embraces a variety of treatment modalities that are supported by strong scientific evidence and designed to improve outcomes for our guests. Individuals face many challenges when recovering from substance related issues. We believe that a personalized treatment approach has the best possibility of helping our guests recover successfully.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This approach addresses the interaction between thoughts, behavior, and emotions. It recognizes that these are linked and dysfunction in one area indicates dysfunction in the other. The benefit of using this approach to therapy is that change can begin in any of these areas, and naturally lead to change in the others.

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Cognitive Analytic Therapy

This approach takes Cognitive Behavior Therapy a step further by considering root causes to unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. When addressing the underlying cause of issues that have led to self-medication, longer lasting results occur.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

MET is based on the premise that individuals in treatment have a sincere desire to stop the cycle of unhealthy behavior and change their lives for the better. It’s normal to feel fear when faced with uncertainty in the future, and no one can be forced into treatment or recovery. However, the clinicians at Alpha Healing Center know that when these fears are explored and individuals are given the time and support to process them, they are able to move forward willingly.

Family Therapy

Individuals who abuse substances often find themselves increasingly isolated from their families. Family focused interventions address the unhealthy communication patterns that have developed over time. Guests and their family members will learn about some of the toxic and unproductive ways in which they interact. This allows them to develop the insight necessary to minimize old behavior patterns and strengthen the family unit.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to all guest regardless of level of care at least once per week for 60 minutes. This allows guests to have one on one time with their primary therapist to engage in further exploration of their personal story.

Medication Management

At Alpha Healing Center medication management is supervised by a licensed psychiatrist and advanced nurse practitioner. These services are designed to complement the treatment process by managing distressing symptoms that often trigger substance use, such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Group Therapy

Participating in therapy with a group of strangers can sound uncomfortable at first, but the group is an essential part of treatment for good reason. Within the context of group therapy, clients have felt a level of acceptance and understanding that has been missing from their daily lives. Regular connection with others who are struggling with similar issues provides perspective and accountability for group members. 


Alpha Healing Center offers several types of groups including psychoeducation, process, medical education, holistic therapy, and expressive groups.

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