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Fun in Sobriety: Your Survival Guide to Attending Events Sober

It isn’t uncommon for an individual’s social calendar to fill up quickly with birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation celebrations, or other engagements. If you’re a person in recovery  who was released from a holistic treatment center, avoidance of these gatherings may be tempting during the first several months. This is entirely understandable and sometimes encouraged, but it isn’t always necessary. The biggest issue facing a person in recovery  at a social event is the presence of alcohol. For those in recovery, this can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to remain sober while attending events.

Your Survival Guide to Attending Events Sober

1: What Type of Environment Will You Be Attending?

You must know what kind of situation you’ll be in before accepting the invitation. It’s appropriate to ask what type of party is being thrown, as well as who will be present. You can also ask if alcohol is being served, or if anyone else will not be drinking. These questions will help you decide if attending this event is safe, and will give you ample time to prepare if you choose to go.

2: Attend the Event With a “Plus One.”

By attending the event with someone who knows your situation, be it a friend or a family member, they will support your effort not to drink. A plus-one can help put you at ease as a fellow non-drinker, allowing you to have more fun in a social environment. Additionally, if you have any urge to drink, you’ll have a source of support and a friend to talk to.

3: Maintain Control of Your Beverages

Even though it may sound strange to be obsessive about your drinks, it’s easy for friends and family to pour you an alcoholic drink without realizing you’re remaining sober. Be sure you’re getting your own drinks and, if a bartender is present, ensure they’re not pouring alcohol into your glass.

4: Always Have an Exit Strategy

At any social gathering, one of the best ways to stay sober is to have an exit strategy in place. If, at any time you begin feeling uncomfortable, or if it starts getting too late, then it’s time to leave. Do not wait. Your excuse should be ready before you enter the event.

5: Plan a Sober Party at Home

If you’re not prepared to venture into the “outside” world yet, the best way for you to stay sober is to host a nonalcoholic event in your home. Look at your event calendar for upcoming birthdays, graduations or other celebrations and, to prevent yourself from missing milestone memories, host events in your home. These efforts will help keep you on track following your holistic addiction treatment and will allow you to have fun in sobriety.

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