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Yoga and Addiction treatment

Empowering your body with yoga during early recovery

During the initial phase of recovery, heavy exercise is not recommended since it can add a substantial amount of strain on the already damaged central nervous system. Since it is in the process of recovery, it can trigger some serious health crisis. On the other hand, some individuals who partake in arduous physical exercise such as weight-lifting, gives them the feeling that they have already ‘recovered’. In the start, it could be difficult for them to comprehend that it is merely on a physical level. Addiction affects every area of an addict, the areas of social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual areas must also be considered. It is a process which is going to take time and it is essential to not consider any physical exercise since it could make them more complacent and susceptible for relapse.

Yoga is an essential tool in addiction recovery and below are the various reasons:

Yoga Imparts Enduring Skills

The major area of concern with addiction treatment is the addict’s incapability to endure with tough thoughts and emotions. In addiction therapy, an addict is mainly taught to focus and identify these negative thoughts and manage them. This is taught through Yoga which incorporates new and effective stress-management methodology such as deep breathing.

Yoga Aids Individuals Attain Peace and Stability

Usually addicts have a lot of curbed anger within themselves, it could be the reason of self-guilt or shame towards themselves or others. This process leads them to abuse drugs and alcohol in a struggle to comfort these painful emotions. The 12 step therapy helps to balance one’s circumstances and weaknesses. Likewise, Yoga helps in harmonizing inner and outer peace.

Yoga Boosts Spirituality

Addiction takes a toll on the spiritual self. Meditation and prayer are primarily essential in addiction recovery – as supported by the 12 Step programs. Yoga also boosts the individual’s spiritual relationship through deep expressions and meditation.

Yoga Endorses Self-discipline

Unorganized and unhealthy lifestyle is a prime characteristic of an addict.  Their life is determined by the intake of drugs and alcohol. High impulsivity is also considered very common. Alpha Healing Center introduces their client to an organized schedule of eating, sleeping, attending sessions and following a time-table. It is significant and helps in having a positive mindset to be receptive to therapeutic inputs. All the negative thoughts and actions need to be substituted with positive ones; these goals can be attained through Yoga.

India has been known since years for its ancient Yoga practices all over the globe. Yoga is considered as a natural mood-stabilizer, releases negativity and promotes a complete wellbeing. Since the past decade, it has been famously used in addiction treatment globally.

Alpha from the beginning has integrated Yoga in its addiction treatment program. Yoga supplements the 12 Step centered approach that also includes Mindfulness (meditation), CBT, individual and group therapy, nutritious diet, recreation and medical/psychiatric check-up. Alpha Healing believes that Yoga is an exceptional tool for individuals seeking to build back a new life free of alcohol or drug addiction. 

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