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Admission Process

  • Admission Process

How to Start The Treatment Admissions Process

  • Call Admissions Coordinator on – 9004191108
  • Inform your choice of package
  • Discuss payment options
  • Alpha admits voluntary cases only & client is expected to sign the consent form at time of admission
  • We do not accept any insurance currently
  • Payments & Refunds
    Total payment has to be made at time of admission thru current dated cheque, & RTGS. 
    We do not accept any credit/debit cards. 
    No refunds once payment is made so kindly clarify doubts if any

Expectation from Clients:

  • An individual should be physically and mentally able to participate in routine activities.
  • Clients asking for leave from the program for any reasons (including medical emergencies in family) will be doing so at their own risk & will be given discharge & lost days will not be given back.
  • If there is a concern with any physical or mental disabilities, please contact the rehab staff members.
  • Rules and regulations of the program must be followed.
  • The treatment plan advised  by the team of counsellors must be firmly followed.

The Package of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Alpha healing center offers packages to suit every individual needs & includes all basic amenities & medicines used are billed on actual & adjusted in the deposit amount.

Involuntary Discharge

Alpha healing center reserves the right to discharge any client from the program if client violates the policies & guidelines mentioned in the policy booklet.

No refunds will be provided to client if asked to leave because of policy violation 

Involuntary Discharge

Alpha healing center reserves right to discharge any client if they are found indulging in 

Use of abusive language with Alpha staff or any other clients 

If found in possession of any prohibited items like drugs, medicines, alcohol etc 

Continuous absence in process meeting without any specific reason for more then 4 days as assessed by therapist or psychiatrist

Are You Ready for Change?
If you are ready to say goodbye to drug and alcohol addiction, the Alpha Healing Center is here to help.

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