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Debunking Myths About Rehabilitation Centers

Drug Abuse has become a pressing health concern worldwide and has seen rising drug-related disorders and death toll over the years. Addiction of any form, whether drug, alcohol or smoking, is life-devouring and affects the person at various levels, including his mental and physical health and his social life. Rehabilitation centers in India offer a holistic approach to treatment for drug abuse and addiction. Whether it’s the first time you are considering the treatment at a rehabilitation center or you have tried various other treatments, but to no aid, it is quite instinctive to be cautious until the final decision.

The idea of rehabilitation often paints a forlorn picture of a bit of an austere or isolated torment that the patient would have to go through. However, the facts are far different from such myths. Here’s to debunking myths about rehabilitation centers:

Myth: Rehab is only for those who hit the rock bottom

Prolonged addiction can not only affect the physical being of the person but also deteriorates mental capacity to work amicably in the social environment, which can result in a downward spiral, leading to unemployment, debts, relationships breakups, etc. Hence, early intervention is imperative and can help in improving treatment outcomes. Rehabilitation centers’ holistic approach to addiction treatments and evidence-based therapies can help addicts who have touched the extreme low, to overcome addiction. However, it can be very effective in aiding the ones who yearn to break free of their addiction at an early phase and improve their lives appreciably. Opting for rehabilitation therapy at initial stages when you become dependent on the drug, can facilitate your recovery early and minimize the chances of drastic effects of drugs on your life.

Myth: Rehab will prevent the relapse

Relapse in addiction treatment is very common. A study denotes that more than 60% of the people dealing with addiction experience relapse. A rehabilitation center can help in minimizing the impact of relapse a patient may experience. Though there’s no guarantee that a patient will not face this issue after the drug addiction program at the rehabilitation center, there are other benefits of rehab to consider. Many rehab centers in India aim to encourage a sense of responsibility toward holistic health in patients. The programs are designed to help in developing confidence in patients and post-treatment supervision and support in their home communities. Also, patients who partake in these therapies at rehab are seen to have fewer incidences of relapse.

Myth: Patients are isolated during the treatment

This is a very common misconception about rehabilitation programs. On the contrary to the myth, the group therapies for addiction at most of the rehabilitation centers allow patients to express and interact with their counselors and groups and discover their behavior and cause of their issues. Many centers also have inpatient facilities that let you disengage from the triggers you may face in your routine and offers you a conducive environment to facilitate your recovery.

Myth: All rehab programs are the same

Contrary to this notion, most of the rehabilitation programs are patient-centric and tailored as per the patients’ history of addiction. So, when opting to enroll for such a program, you can dig in some information on types of therapies offered by the center, the duration, support, accreditation, etc. 

Numerous studies support the benefits of rehabilitation centers to recover from addiction. 

Don’t let baseless myths stop keep you from availing recovery support. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and are ready to create a sober lifestyle, Alpha healing Center located in Vadodara, Gujarat- India offers comprehensive treatment services, including aftercare and relapse prevention planning, to meet your needs. 

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