All addictions are not alike. The individuals facing them have their own unique needs and concerns. At Alpha Healing Center, we offer tailored drug and alcohol addiction treatments to address our guests’ needs and their substance use disorders.

Drug Addiction Treatment

You’ll find a team of licensed and compassionate professionals at Alpha Healing Center ready to help you recover from your street drug addiction. We’ll guide you through the recovery process, always treating you with respect. We take a holistic healing approach that goes hand-in-hand with state of the art medical treatment and addresses your individual needs. Explore our website further to learn more about our holistic approach to recovery.


Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment of drug and alcohol addiction at Alpha Healing Center also addresses prescription drug rehabilitation. Although prescription drug usage often begins with a physician prescribing a certain medication, this doesn’t mean that a patient can’t develop a strong physical and/or mental need to continue taking the drug, even after it’s no longer necessary. This is particularly the case with pain killers – the need for the drug may continue long after the pain is gone. Prescription sleep medication and anti-anxiety medication are also commonly abused. Please visit our treatment page for more information about prescription drug rehab.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Statistics on alcohol abuse and alcoholism reveal the prevalence of this disorder. If you share this dependency, you’re not alone. Alcoholism is a more severe form of alcohol abuse involving a physical addiction. Alpha Healing Center offers alcohol and drug addiction treatments tailored to the pattern and severity of your use: how much you drink, when you drink and what triggers you. We address both your physical and emotional dependencies by utilizing a wide range of interventions.


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Our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

Counseling provides the backbone of our treatment services at Alpha Healing Center, regardless of the substance of abuse. We offer both individual and group counseling programs. In individual sessions, you’ll meet regularly with a primary therapist who will help you deal with underlying mental health issues that may play a role in your addiction. The frequency of sessions, as well as their duration, is determined on a confidential, case-by-case basis. Group counseling fosters togetherness and sharing. You are not alone. See our page on substance abuse counseling for more information.

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