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Ganja Side Effects and Punishment in India
In the bustling streets of India, whispers of “ganja” often flit through the air. But before you blaze, let’s unveil the drug’s hidden side. We’ll delve into more about its effects, both good and bad, and the strict laws in India that could land you in hot water. Knowledge is power, so let’s lift the…
Breaking Free from Addiction: The Power of Exercise and Self-Care
The recovery process has endless phases of ups and downs before it takes you to sobriety. However, the road to recovery is a long one. Even strong-headed individuals cave in and venture back to the path of old habits. That doesn’t mean you cannot get over addiction. Addiction is treatable, and you can successfully de-addict…
The Unseen Link between Low Self-Esteem and Addiction
Low self-esteem is like a silent saboteur that can creep into every aspect of a person’s life. It’s not just about feeling down about oneself; it can lead to behaviors that harm physical and mental health. One of the most alarming connections is between low self-esteem and addiction. In this article, we’ll explore this often-overlooked…
The Cost of Addiction: Financial, Emotional, and Physical Consequences
Addiction is a widespread problem with devastating consequences on countless lives. While the allure of addictive substances and behaviours can be overwhelming, the price paid is even more outrageous. This blog delves into the gripping reality of addiction, analysing its financial, emotional, and physical consequences. The comprehensive blog aims to raise awareness about the grave…
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