I’ve quit other habits in the past, but this one seems harder. Why?

Cigarettes deliver the “free-base” form of nicotine to the brain. Just like crack cocaine is more addictive than plain cocaine, free base nicotine is much more powerful than plain nicotine. That’s why even the idea of giving up cigarettes can be so depressing. The good news is that, unlike many other drugs, nicotine addiction can […]

Everybody knows smoking is bad for you. Why do people still do it?

Smoking is a complicated thing. Smokers feel that smoking is important for many reasons. It can help them feel more comfortable with their friends. Some use cigarettes to help control weight. A very common feeling is that smoking helps to relieve stress by helping people feel relaxed and satisfied.

How hard is it to quit without help?

Very few smokers who try to quit without help are successful. Nicotine changes the way the brain works. Nicotine is more addictive than alcohol, heroin or cocaine. Quitting smoking is not just about breaking a bad habit and it is certainly not just about willpower. Even those of us who are able to put cigarettes […]

Why is smoking so satisfying?

Believe it or not, smoking is enjoyable for smokers. The cigarette is the easiest way to deliver nicotine to the brain, and nicotine is one of the most powerful drugs creating satisfaction. It works so well because it turns on the “gut instinct” part of the brain, and that instinct tells the smoker they’re safe, […]

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Care in India

In India we offer the clients inpatient or residential drug treatment where they get an opportunity to get away from the mundane routine which can be full of triggers. Instead, being at a facility that offers luxury and keeps them away from any drug indulgence it gives them a chance to solely focus on their […]

Remarkably Trained Staff

At The Alpha Healing Center, their team of Western trained and licensed drug specialists has years of collective understanding and experience in dealing with all forms of drug addiction. In fact, some of their addiction counsellors are in recovery themselves, permitting them to also pull from personal experience. Apart from the counselling team, they have […]

What is the cost of treatment at The Alpha Healing Centre?

The Alpha Healing Center offers exceptionally affordable prices, often just one-third of the price of comparable or lesser quality known dependency rehabs around the world. Though, it important that they consult with one of their staff members for the precise costing, as that will depend on the length of their stay and insurance policy.