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5 Mobile Apps to Help with Addiction Recovery

5 Apps That Help With Addiction Recovery

There are various types of addiction and various ways that we can get rid of them. Getting rid of it is the easy part what is difficult is: how long before you relapse. These apps help you win each day at a time with the help of a care team, most of who are going through the same journey. These apps can be a refuge, for days that are difficult to endure alone.

With over a 100 mobile apps available for addiction recovery, we bring you a list of all those that provide you with the best help. All the apps have a few distinct features. Read along to know which app best suits your preferences so you don’t have to download them all.

1. I am Sober

Available both on iOS and Android, this app has an overall 4.9 rating and over a hundred thousand downloads, the app is user friendly and free to download. It does have in app purchases; you can choose a plan that suits your needs. The app has a large community of members who are going through the same journey so you don’t feel lonely on your path to recovery. You can track the number of sober days on the app. It has a feature of daily pledges and review, the developers believe that every new day is a struggle and every little accomplishment should be celebrated, not with alcohol of course. You can celebrate your milestones on the app, be it one day, one week or a month.

In addition to this it has a sobriety calculator which shows you the financial benefits of staying sober and the amount of money you have saved by being sober. You can share your journey on the app with other people through pictures or just keep it to yourself and track how well you are doing on your sobriety journey.

The app comes with a trigger analyzer that helps note and recognize your triggers. The app is easily customizable. It fits into any kind of addiction recovery journey.

2. Recovery Path: Addiction Recovery & Addiction Help

With over 50,000 downloads and a rating of 4.8 this free app has a lot to offer. Available on both iOS and android, this app has a whole suite to offer. Your clinician, a friend, or your parents, the suite has an app for each one, all of which can be interlinked.

It has incorporated motivational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and community reinforcement.

When linked with your care team, that is, clinicians, family, sponsors, and friends, you can identify you triggers with the care team, this helps in accountability, and your team can share inputs and motivate you to do better.

Apart from your care team, you can meet people with the same struggle as you around your area. It has all recovery options from AA NA to refuge recovery, smart recovery and CA. The meetings with people can be saved and synced into your calendar. Who doesn’t like an app that makes life this easy?

It has morning and evening check-ins to keep a track of the whole day, and it takes only about a minute to do so.

The most interesting feature though is ‘places to avoid’. It lets you add places that are important to avoid for recovery, like a certain friends house which might trigger or may be the local bar. It lets you create alerts or messages that you would want to send to yourself when approaching those places. You can also notify your care team when you are near such places.

One more noteworthy feature is the beacon messaging feature. We know it’s difficult to communicate when you are facing withdrawals, Recovery path has pre selected instant messages you can send to your care team. The app also sends the messages through WhatsApp. Talk about technology.

The app also includes recovery activities; reasons to recover, words that describe you and a planner of activities you enjoy.

3. Sober Today

An overall rating of 4.5 Sober Today is only available on play store this app is for people who like to keep it simple. Sober Today keeps a count of days you’ve been sober down right to the minutes. The app also displays the amount of money you’ve saved. Although a free app to download the free version has ads.

4. 12 Step AA NA Daily Meditation

If you are big on meditation and love how meditation helps you accomplish more in life, this app is just made for you. The app provides with hundreds of high quality guided meditation audios. Like the apps name suggests they have 12 step recovery method. The app also has calming music, sound effects and relaxing melodies.

The app has a high 4.8 rating and is a paid app. Their content base is pretty big and can last a very long time. The app also keeps adding new content every couple of months.

5. Sober Grid – Social network

The Facebook of sobriety apps, this app has a rating of 3.7 and is available on iOS and Android. It is the biggest social app for sober people. You can find sober people around, share your stories, struggles or successes with them. This app too has daily check-ins and recovery tracker. They also have quests to make recovery easy.

The app is big on privacy; you can share and still remain completely anonymous at the same time. The large network provides with 24/7 support from likeminded people.

Your recovery is just a step away with these apps. It’s an alternative related to the traditional method of mental health. The apps can be used anywhere and at anytime, from the comfort of your own home or your office. Now days we have everything on our phones, form fitness apps, to healthy eating, then why not an app for our mental wellness.

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